About TrimTimes

TrimTimes is UK’s first Barber Directory & Booking Website. 

We are a free web service that allows you gentlemen of our great nation to search for professional barbers and men's hairstylists, wherever you are, whenever you want. 

Our mobile- ready website makes it simple to find some of the best barbers and hair salons in the country, allowing you to book your trim on the go, in seconds. 

You can even rate your experiences and write reviews, helping others avoid those dodgy barbers out there! We really believe that a man should be entitled to a professional job when getting their trim. 

Try it today; what have you got to lose? (apart from that overgrown Barnet of yours, of course!)

Our Vision

Our vision is to reinvigorate the UK male grooming industry by enabling men gain quick access to the best grooming professionals with a minimal amount of effort.

We are currently working with barber professionals throughout London and soon we will be working with other male grooming service providers all over UK so that we can make TrimTimes THE ONLINE PLACE customers can go to for all of their grooming needs.

TrimTimes offers that much needed solution enabling UKs male grooming businesses and its consumers to connect in one place, at a tailor-made level.

Today’s men need a brand which they can recognise as male specific and which they can trust and feel confident using when on the lookout for getting groomed …and this is where TrimTimes fits.


TrimTimes was selected as one of the winners by Stanmore Business and Innovation Centre (in partnership with the London Borough of Harrow), as part of their Accelerator into Enterprise programme for budding entrepreneurs. November 2014, London. Read more...


TrimTimes user - Raymond - London

“I move around a lot due to work and I’ve struggled finding great barbers all my life.. I’ve tried TrimTimes and it’s brilliant, I can find a professional barber wherever I am."


Our History

To tell you about our origins we would have to work our way back to the highly stylish era of the 1960s. It all began when a slightly younger, hair-obsessed gentleman called Tony Gavriel moved over from Cyprus to chase his dreams of styling the hair of London’s finest gents. 

Tony’s Hair for Men was born!

Tony’s shop continued to grow over the coming years and so did his family with the arrival of two sons, Simon and Andrew, in whom he instilled his passion for barbering. They've continued to work side by side with their proud father for more than 15 years, honing their cutting and styling skills and building a flourishing local barber's business in the London borough of Harrow.

Whilst Simon continued to follow his passion for this ancient art, Tony’s younger son, Andrew, had a slightly different, ‘digital’ vision for improving the male grooming industry.

Simon, Tony & Andrew
"We are in an exciting era for men’s grooming as blokes have never cared as much about the way they appear as they do now; yet there is little or no technology to help them achieve this at a time that is convenient to them!
Men want to visit their barbers more often, but are put off by the thought of a queue. That’s why I started TrimTimes. I would like not only to reinvigorate the barbering industry, but more importantly help guys get groomed and look great without a lot of time-wasting fuss!"
Andrew Gavriel – TrimTimes Founder

Andrew’s vision is to revolutionise the male grooming industry in the UK by enabling men to gain quick and reliable access online to the best grooming.