Our History

To tell you about our origins we would have to work our way back to the highly stylish era of the 70’s.  It all began when a slightly younger, hair obsessed gentleman call Tony Gavriel moved over from Cyprus to chase his dreams of styling the hair on London’s finest Gents. 

Tony’s Barber Shop was born!
Tony’s shop continued to grow over the coming years and so did his family with the arrival or two sons Andrew and Simon, in whom he instilled his passion for barbering. This passion for perfecting the male form flourished, as they’ve continued to work side by side with their father, for more than 10 years.
Whilst Simon continued to follow his passion for this ancient art, Tony’s son Andrew had a slightly different, ‘digital’ vision for the male grooming industry. 

"We are in an exciting era for men’s style, blokes have never cared so much about the way they appear as they do now, yet there is little or no technology to help them achieve greatness!  That’s why I started TrimTimes… I want to not only reinvigorate the barbering industry, but more importantly help guys get groomed and look great, without stigma and without fuss!" Andrew Gavriel | TrimTimes Founder
The tradition of high quality male barbering has started to fade here in the UK whilst the rest of the male grooming industry has boomed.  Andrew’s vision is and continues to be to radicalize how men could gain access to great grooming on the go. 
His dream has now been created and Trim Times is that dream, give it a try today!