Help, I can't Sign in!

Not to worry, on the ‘Sign In’ page you will see a ‘Forgot Password?’ option, simply click on this, then we will reset your password and send you a new one to your registered email address.

Still having problems? Email us at support@trimtimes.com and we’d be glad to help.


How can I change some of my TrimTimes profile details?

Simply click on the ‘Sign In’ button, then click on ‘Profile’ to edit your details.

How can I unsubscribe from one of your newsletters?

Unsubscribing from our newsletters is easy: simply click the link at the bottom of the newsletter saying ’click here to unsubscribe’ and follow the onscreen instructions. If this fails, email us at support@trimtimes.com with any relevant information and confirmation of the email address so that we can remove you from our special offers and news email list.

How can I give feedback for a Shop?

Every shop profile listed has a ‘Reviews’ tab Click on the ‘Reviews’ tab then you will find ‘Write a review’. Simply follow the on screen instructions. You may need to log in to be able to write your review.

I feel a review posted on your site should be removed

Reviews can often be a personal opinion so it’s difficult to prove them ‘right’ or ‘wrong’. If the review in question has inappropriate language being used, then please click the ‘Report’ button on the review in question, and we will investigate the matter.

Online Booking

Where is my confirmation email?

Confirmation emails are sent out as soon as the checkout process has been completed.
If after 10 minutes you don't seem to have your email, please check your junk mail folder first. If you do find it there, please label it as 'Not junk' and add the address to your accepted emails list – this will prevent any future emails from being directed to the junk folder.

If it is still not there, once logged into your dashboard, you will see a tab called ‘History’ this will have every record of any successful bookings made via TrimTimes. If it is not there, please email us at: support@trimtimes.com and we can investigate the matter further.


How can I make a complaint about a Shop?

We try to ensure that the professionals we work with are competent. However, occasionally issues or misunderstandings may arise. It is vital that you try to take up any objections you have with the professionals themselves, as that's the most efficient way of getting any issues resolved. 

Failing that, please email us at support@trimtimes.com, providing the following information:

  • Full Name
  • Order reference 
  • Date of appointment 
  • Summary of complaint

We will then pursue the matter with the professional, and will try our best to resolve the problem within 30 days.